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Manufacturer Dehydrated White/Red Onion Products & Dehydrated Garlic products From india.


Apple Food Industries - Largest & Hygienic Onion/ Garlic Dehydration Plant Located at Gujarat - India


We are india's Largest manufacturer and exporter of DWO / DRO & Garlic


Ready To Use / Ready To Eat Quality Dehydated Onion / Garlic Products..


808- Signature 1, SG Highway, Near Divya Bhaskar, (Gujarat) India., Phone : +91 79 40033300, Email : info@applefoodindustries.com

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Wide Range in Colour & Cut

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An Aromatic & Pungent Natural Dehydrated Garlic.

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Natural Dehydrated White Onion Products.

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Dehydrated Red Onion Products

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Dehydrated Pink Onion Products